Houzz.com is a great guide for those looking to professionally remodel and redesign their home as well as an excellent source of inspiration for the do-it-yourselfer. It contains thousands of high quality photos, discussions with professionals and articles written by experts in the design field and Houzz allows you to easily organize them in your ideabook.

The idea was formed during lockdown in 2020, when Seigal and Arnold saw an opportunity to bring top interior designers directly into people’s homes virtually without the typical high budgets and scopes needed to consult with and hire most designers and special services for very specific deals such as using Garage Floor Epoxy product, or a special roofing system.

Leo explains: ‘The Expert is a virtual platform that seeks to connect more people with the world’s most sought-after design experts via one to one video consultations. By eliminating traditional barriers such as project budget, location and scope constraints, access to top tier designers becomes a lot more democratic.

‘Many of our clients have long been pinning, bookmarking and saving the work created by our growing roster of 80+ designers. Through The Expert, they can stop endlessly poring over an inspiration image or idea, and instead go directly to the source for answers, guidance and feedback that are tailored to their needs.’

Check out PGD’s profile for our completed projects and let us know what you think:


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