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…without breaking the bank.


1. Declutter

Instead of leaving cosmetics strewn across your counter, try adding a pretty tray to give some organization to your bottles and large, glass apothecary jars are a great way to store cotton balls and q-tips.


2. Greenery

Greenery should not be kept to the main living spaces and bedrooms of your house. Plants help to create a calming atmosphere while purifying the air plus the humidity in your bathroom helps keep them alive!


3. Art

Like greenery, art is something many forget to bring into the bathroom. It is a great way to bring your personality into the space while creating visual interest. Use art to tie in elements of your bathroom-match the finish of the hardware (faucet and shower head) with your frame and the coloring of the tile and backsplash with the art itself.


4. Candles

Try engaging your sense of smell with candles (or even oil diffusers). Find a light floral scent that isn’t overwhelming to help maintain a serene, spa-like feeling.


5. Update

Finally, upgrade your towels and bath rug. Exchanging old towels and rugs with fluffier, neutral-colored replacements is an inexpensive to way to update your bathroom and helps make it the oasis you’ve always wanted!